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Re: ddclient not working

On Tue, 06 Dec 2011 22:24:43 +0000, Camaleón wrote:

>> Instead I started looking for when it worked correctly and what the
>> ddclient.config was at that moment. Then I copied that .config over and
>> that made it work correctly.
>> Which brings up an interesting question: what are the answers you have
>> to give to dpkg-reconfigure in order to end up with a desired
>> ddclient.config? I.e. I know the .config I want but I don't know how to
>> get that through dpkg-reconfigure.

I get the similar result and interested in it too.
So I looked further into it. 

> By using "reverse engineering"? :-)
> Make a diff between the two files and you will have a clue on what can
> be the changes/differences.
>> The desirec ddclient.config is:
>> protocol=dyndns2
>> use=web, web=checkip.dyndns.com, web-skip='IP Address'
>> server=members.dyndns.org
>> login=xxxxxxxxx
>> password='yyyyyy'
>> esquipulas-index.dyndns.org
>> But I don't know how to get there with dpkg-reconfigure.

These are all questions that dpkg-reconfigure asked, with sample answers 
and required answer types.

ddclient        ddclient/password       password
ddclient        ddclient/fetchhosts     select  From list
# Run ddclient as daemon?
ddclient        ddclient/run_daemon     boolean true
ddclient        ddclient/hostslist      multiselect
ddclient        ddclient/interface      string
ddclient        ddclient/protocol       select  dyndns2
# Run ddclient on PPP connect?
ddclient        ddclient/run_ipup       boolean false
ddclient        ddclient/username       string
ddclient        ddclient/blankhostslist error
ddclient        ddclient/names  string
ddclient        ddclient/modifiedconfig error
ddclient        ddclient/checkip        boolean true
ddclient        ddclient/server string  members.dyndns.org
# Interval between ddclient runs:
ddclient        ddclient/daemon_interval        string  300
ddclient        ddclient/service        select  www.dyndns.com

Put in proper values and put it in a file, say ddclient.answers.

Then run 'debconf-set-selections ddclient.answers' before running

Hope it will work. Please post back.


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