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Re: Reboot and all I get is a grub prompt.

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On 05.12.2011 14:38, Harry Putnam wrote:
> I haven't rebooted wheezy for a while... and there have been many 
> updates .. I'm not sure which ones have caused this problem but
> when bootup starts I get to grub and immediately a prompt rather
> than a selection screen.
Afaik, that is the base grub before the modules from /grub/ get loaded.
Usually this means somehow it did not found the /grub directory on the
boot partition.
> It shows grub version 1.99 ?? something.. so is that grub2... It
> must be since I do not recognize most of what I see.
> For example, I can type `help' and a massive flood of commands
> flash past leaving only the last screenful visible... there seems
> no way to page this mess, so it is mostly useless.
> Pressing <TAB> shows a gout of other commands with no newlines
> just all in a blob. Given what I see, I have no idea at all how to
> proceed or why this has happened.
> OK, grub2 by itself will never let me see how to get booted.  Its 
> setup all wrong for that to happen, I mean how ridiculous is it to 
> offer a fountain of commands you can see for 1/50 of a second?  So 
> digging up directions from google..
> set root (hd0,1) (in grub1 that would be hd0,0) linux /vm<tab> 
> boot
I think after the "linux /vm..." line you need tell it about initramfs
with something like:
"initrd /vm<tab>" (should match the kernel)
else you may be missing required kernel modules.

Is (hd0,1) your /boot-partition? then you additionally need tell the
kernel about the real root with something like
"linux /vm<tab> root=/dev/<your root partition>"
> OK, now were talking... but whoops.. kernel panic  .. just 
> paraphrasing: `unable to mount root on unknown block'
> What the heck has happened to my poor wheezy?
> I'm bunrning a systemRescue cd now... but any suggestions will be
> most welcome.
I think using a rescue CD (as suggested by Johann) is the best to do
in this case. Debugging inside grub without experience can be a hard
task (but its educational, done once you should be fine next time ;-)

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