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Pidgin and Skype not working on Squeeze

Hello everyone!
This is perhaps not completely Debian, but I still need help on this. I installed Pidgin-skype and even mannaged to setup the account with some help. I can't use original Skype, since I'mblind and need Orca. I already needed some help for the one QT-dialog, that popped up, while setting up the account. OK, now most of the times I start pidign, I hear the Skype sound, but I end up seeing the message: "Skype client not ready". ps -ax confirms, that skype is not running. I donwloaded the latest Skype for debian 5+ 32-bit, which matches my system rather well, I thought. Does anyone have a good idea, of what I might be doing wrong or what I might do better? Not using Skype is in this case sadly not the question.
  Warm regards

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