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Re: Spell checking with qtm clogging client

On Sun, 04 Dec 2011 21:53:33 -0500, John S. wrote:

> I use qtm with xfce on wheezy. I like it, but I am a poor speller and I
> like to have a spell checker available. With the above setup, qtm has
> appears to have no spell checker. 

Maybe the app does not provide an integraded spell checker nor interfaces 
with DE's. Have you reviewed the "Release notes" or "Features" page to 
check if this option is available? :-?

> Google came up with a file: libgtkspell0 >= This file has been
> installed, but qtm does not show it as a depends, recommends or
> suggested.
> What best for me to do?

Package: libgtkspell0 (2.0.16-1)
a spell-checking addon for GTK's TextView widget

Hum... that seems a file for gtk based applications while qtm looks more 
a qt based one. Where have you read this file can work?



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