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Re: can't enter into gnome interface / Re: Issues since upgrading testing 2011-Nov-29

Hi :)

again, if I try to boot the Debian's kernel 2.6.39-2-amd64 I get a black screen instead of the GDM3 login screen. If I boot a self build kernel I get the screen, but mouse and keyboard aren't working. When booting recovery mode, text mode, no X, the keyboard is working. I upgraded and switched to KDM, but the mouse and keyboard aren't working for KDM too.

I could restore my working Debian testing from a backup. If I should do so, I wonder what package/s shouldn't be upgraded to avoid that I run into this trouble again.

The keyboard is a PS/2 keyboard, the mouse is an USB mouse, but with GDM3 I tested a PS/2 mouse too. The graphics is a NVIDIA GeForce 7200 GS, xorg.conf is set to use the proprietary driver 173.14.30.

I guess this error appeared before there were upgrades for X. I kept the xserver nv package from stable so some dependencies are still from stable, the proprietary 173.14.30 also is from stable or at least an outdated package from testing, all other packages are from testing. The nv driver is needed to avoid that I need to offend the GPL, when using a kernel-rt.



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