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Sid, GNOME 3: Alt-F2 stopped working

For a week or so, Alt-F2 (run a command) won't run anything. If I just type a command such as "xterm", it says command not found. If I press Escape after this, the pop-up window disappears. If I type the full path to the executable (e.g., /usr/bin/xterm), the pop-up window freezes and the shading remains. The mouse still moves, keyboard input works in other windows, but the bar at the top of the screen is unresponsive.

Seems like a bug, but I wanted to raise it here first and also thought maybe someone would have some ideas about what might be going wrong.

I'm not sure, but I also think gnome-do stopped working around the same time unfortunately. I like those key combinations.

Thanks for your time.

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