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Re: VLC missing sound [solved]

On 30/11/11 12:23, Porcia Silvia wrote:
> This problem was caused by VLC selecting the 'default' output module under
> audio settings [menu: Tools-Preferences-Audio Settings-Output]
> The drop down menu shows in this case: 'default' and I thought ALSA was the
> default but apparently not..anyway I selected ALSA in the menu this then
> materialized two other options: a S/PDIF select box and Device: with another
> drop down menu. Audio came under the selection: Xonar D1: Multichannel
> (hw:0,0)
> [not] default, Xonar D1: Digital (hw:0,1) or Audioengine (etc. etc)
> One might ask what made 'PulseAudio Output' the default on this system?

Would need to know more about your "system" to answer that.... it's a
requirement in several meta-packages. Possibly your DE (you don't say
what you're running).

> Where does one go to see what is the 'default' for these necessary things?

/etc/init.d and /etc/default will tell you a bit.

Glad you have VLC working now.

NOTES: the "default" backend for PulseAudio is Xine, you can also choose
Linux "sound systems" - are confusing. And PulseAudio cops a lot of FUD.
A good article about it is:-
You mention debian-multimedia earlier in the thread... the upstream
developers (and the debian packagers) have long warned against mixing
multimedia and the main debian repositories.


Iceweasel/Firefox extensions for finding answers to Debian questions:-

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