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Re: What to expect following major update

On 11/26/2011 08:17 AM, Harry Putnam wrote:
Bob Proulx<bob@proulx.com>  writes:

How does the system boot up if /boot is not mounted?

You don't need /boot mounted in order to boot.  It only needs to be
mounted in order to be updated.  Booting happens before the operating
system is loaded and so those files are not needed at operating system
time.  By the time the operating system is running there is no longer
any need to access those files.


Your response was to Wayne but I'd like to thank your for a nice
walk thru of the early stages of bootup.

As would I as well.  I have never looked into how boot up worked

Thanks Bob for the very useful, as well as understandable, lesson.


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