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Re: iceweasel plugin-container, flashplugin, and gnome3 issue

On Fri, 25 Nov 2011 12:58:41 +0100, tadziu wrote:

>> That's the usual behaviour for flash player based sites and depending
>> on your computer capabilities and the site you are viewing this can
>> indeed lock or slowdown firefox a lot :-(
>> You can review the docs to try to reduce the high CPU consumption
>> (there are some tricks you can test) but I've started to live with it:
> well, but i haven't had this problem while testing gnome3 few month ago
> with ubuntu 11.04 (or 11.10 i don't remember).on the same machine that's
> why i'm asking.
> btw, i'm really getting sick with gnome3 it's forcing user to change his
> habits.
> i really love debian since i left ubuntu seven or even eight years ago.
> but now situation looks like this: my primary application is iceweasel.
> debian stable offers obsolete 3.6 version. i've managed to install 7.0
> but i never worked good. so i moved to testing and everything was cool
> till i was forced to use gnome3 fallback mode. i'm really disappointed.

You seem to have faced different issues.

First, the latest version of Iceweasel is usually available at "http://
mozilla.debian.net/". If you have any problem with it, you can also go to 
Mozilla site and get Firefox from upstream, it's very easy to install 
(indeed no installalation is needed) and upgrade.

Second, if gnome-shell is not working for you, you will have "to 
fight" (I mean, in the "good" sense...) :-). 

Any problem with gnome-shell should be reported to Debian BTS or GNOME's 
bugzilla. Give them (developers and packagers) details of your card, your 
VGA driver, provide the logs and tell what happens. This is the only way 
your problem can be properly addressed and by doing so you will be also 
helping another users that can experience your same problems.

> yeah i can change distro, i can go back to stable etc. but i don't want
> to. i spend a lot of time to configure my system and liquorix kernel to
> have proper environment for creating music. and i don't want to use
> chromium because i need a goddamn search box and not omnibar which - i'm
> sorry - but i'm too dumb to use the way i need to.

GNOME3 and gnome-shell is just an option, there is no need (and would be 
of no sense) to change a distribution by another just to avoid it: it 
will catch you sooner or later. You can select another desktop or 
fight&help to get your problems fixed with gnome3+gnome-shell.

> i really don't know any reasonable alternative to debian which would let
> me to apply so many changes in relatively easy way to fit OS for my
> personal needs. that's why i fell betrayed, because gnome3 has exactly
> opposite philosophy.
> sorry for off-topic don't mind my whining


No problem... the change can be indeed too much for some users.



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