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Re: los repositorios de Sarge no me funcionan? quién me ayuda

Lisi wrote:
> Alexis Herera wrote:
> > Quién me ayuda, los repositorios de Sarge no me funcionan. Por cuál los
> > puedo reemplazar porque quiero actualizar mi versión de Debian
> This list is in English.  There is a Spanish language list: 
> about.debian-user-spanish@lists.debian.org
> which might suit you better.
> Sarge will be available only in the archives.  It is now fairly long in the 
> tooth, having been superceded by: Etch -> Lenny -> Squeeze.
> Is there a reason why you want to use such an old version of Debian?

They said they wanted to upgrade.  For that you will need to upgrade
through all of the major releases.  If you had a Sarge 3.1 system then
you would first want to upgrade to the latest Sarge 3.1 available and
then upgrade from Sarge to Etch.  Then from Etch to Lenny.  Then from
Lenny to Squeeze.  All of which can be easily done by using the
archive at archive.debian.org.  If you were starting at Etch 3.0 then
it is the same that you would want to be fully up to date with the
latest available Etch 3.0 first and then upgrade from Etch to Sarge.

  deb http://archive.debian.org/debian/ etch main

I happened to have done that to an old machine not very long ago
myself.  Debian is good for upgrades.


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