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Re: gnome 3 refugee: obstructive panel in xfce

On Fri, Nov 18, 2011 at 08:52:46PM +0000, Hendrik Boom wrote:
> I've fled from gnome 3 and am mostly happy with xfce.  But there's the 
> panel with six icons at the bottom of the screen that obscures the bottom 
> of a lot of windows.  How can I get rid  of it, or move it elsewhere?  Is 
> it possible to move it to be part of the strip at the top, for example?  
> In a pinch, I suppose I could get rid of it, because all those tools seem 
> to be available as part of the applications menu anyway. 
> The screen savers are pretty, but would it be possible to have them just 
> go blank and save power when the laptop in not plugged in?

I put launchers on the top panel and removed the lower panel.  Right click and
play :-)  Clean and meat.


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