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Re: What's DE-specific, what's independent?

Thank You for Your time and answer, Andrei:

>Don't know about emacs, but vim has a -gnome and a -gtk version, or
>some other applications have a "normal" and a -gtk/-qt version.
>It's safe to assume that the -gtk/-qt version is better suited to be
>run under different environments. Generally the package description
>includes this information.

Then a question arises in turn, Why don't smart people from diver DEs
gather together and unite their efforts on perfecting their software
through single app.s where it is appropriate starting w/ working out a
common structure of the components the modern desktop should have w/
interchangable components depending on its weight (lightness) and
features. Then the end user will not be bound to a DE easily installing
every component of his/her choice and developers will reduce spreading
their power in vain bu reducing double work and may something else. -
Standards is a good thing moving forward too at the requirements of
time. And it makes easy to develop/build/work within it.

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