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Re: [OT] can't see own post to the list

Scott Ferguson wrote:
On 14/11/11 11:19, Dan B. wrote:
Scott Ferguson wrote:
On 13/11/11 16:14, Doug wrote:
GMail deliberately removes your own list messages so
you can't see them and know that you actually were successful in
Well, no.
Not that I have shares in Google - just a dislike for BS and trolls.
The gmail default settings is to *not* provide you with a duplicate in
Sent mail.
Why would there be a duplicate in _Sent_ mail?

Only the message you sent out should be in the Sent folder--the message
back from the mailing list is a different message ...  ..., it is not a duplicate.

Are you serious?

Yes.  What the heck are you questioning?

If mail is in my Sent folder it only proves that my mailer got that
far in sending it out.

When the MDA delivers a copy (one from a mailing list server or just
one caused by my BCC to myself, then I have proof that the mail got
to the server.

A mailer shouldn't forcibly* treat the second message as a duplicate of
the first.  (*That is, without giving the user a choice.)

It sounds like GMail/Google is judging whether a message was "Sent" by
the From: header field (or whatever) rather than by the simple fact of
whether it was actually sent (through GMail's mail-sending actions)
or received.

Gmail's reasons for the policy have been posted previously in this thread.

Yes, I know.  Why do you think I wrote "It sound like GMail/Google is
judging ..."?

(A similar problem can also occur with BCC copies to oneself in some

Which would beg the question "why would anyone do that" - if I didn't
have better things to do, or a total lack of desire to understand the
"reasoning" of the insane. :-)

You really shouldn't call people insane just because their reasons are
something of which you are ignorant.


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