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Re: [OT] can't see own post to the list

On Du, 13 nov 11, 22:34:50, Scott Ferguson wrote:
> > 
> Three ways to deal with the "problem" (I use none of them, but they've
> all worked in the past.)
> 1. Look in All Mail (online) find one of your posts and use it to create
> a filter sending those emails to Receipts. Select it - then from the
> More drop-down list chose Filter.
> 2. Add yourself to the recipient list of posts to lists.
> 3. Create a second account - make it the return address for mail you
> send to lists. Set up the second account to forward mail from lists to
> the first account.

4. (if you don't use the web interface) receive all list mail via a 
different account then the one you post

Kind regards,
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