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Re: Is GNOME 2 panel still in unstable?

On Sat, 12 Nov 2011 23:04:15 +0000, Cam Hutchison wrote:

> Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> writes:
>>On Sat, 12 Nov 2011 05:15:42 +0000, Cam Hutchison wrote:
>>> I'd like to keep using the panel from GNOME 2. I like its world clock,
>>> the menu and a couple of applets.
>>> Is this still in unstable at all? The replacement seems to be less
>>> functional (at the moment).
>>Yes, you can still launch the "fallback" mode from login manager. There
>>you can add the applets and put the panels in a similar way that GNOME2
> I have tried fallback mode, but even in that mode I cannot configure the
> panels, and it does not have the GNOME 2 world clock.

Yes you can. I did it and it works...

Please, people, do a bit of Googling from time to time, it can be a 
healthy activity :-)

To control the panels in the fallback mode you have to press "Alt" key 
while right-clicking over it and then you can add the old applets to 
there and set its properties, as always.

> I like to have a single panel at the bottom of the screen with a few
> useful things on it. I also have two monitors so I need a panel on each,
> and each is configured differently.

In the fallback mode this is possible with a single of clicks.

> It appears that the GNOME 3 panel is completely locked down with no way
> to configure it, whether standard or fallback mode.

Nope, please, retry again and remember to hold down the Alt key ;-)

> I accept that for my uses, I cannot use GNOME 3, which is why I'm
> looking for a replacement panel for the GNOME 2 panel. 

The fallback mode should work...

> I run fvwm under GNOME 2, with a configuration that has evolved over 15
> years. GNOME 3 model is so far away from my current desktop model that
> there's no chance of giving it a go. 

Why not using fvwm withing the fallback mode?

> GNOME 3 wont work with a different window manager. 

How is that?

> There's a chance I could move from fvwm to compiz, if that will work
> with GNOME 3, but so far, no other window manager lets me configure
> it in the way I currently use fvwm.


If it does not work, I would open a bug report.



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