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Re: emacs RMAIL -- help needed

Alberto Luaces <aluaces@udc.es> writes:

>> Here is my .gnus file:


>> (setq imap-log t)
>> Here are the messages from my *Messages* buffer:


You've gone beyond my tiny store of possibly helpful input except to
suggest once more that you will definitely get expert help on this
question if you post it and this same surrounding information on one
of the 2 gnus help newsgroups.

If you are not familiar with the gmane gateway, it is a great way to
read mail groups as if they were newsgroups and without any of the
fuss one normally has when subscribing to mail groups.

You can subscribe to gmanes' nntp service at news.gmane.org. (using a

If you want to use gnus to do it then you could susbscribe to it as a
`foreign' server.

get started by pressing B in a gnus group buffer, and follow the

keep the default type as `nntp' then enter the server name:

Once that is done you can go into the server buffer, press ENTER on
the gmane server to get the active list.  Then subscribe to 

  gmane.emacs.gnus.user (This is for released versions of gnus)

If you want the development version list:

  gmane.emacs.gnus.general (this is for the development version of

If you decide to post a question you will be sent a notice from gmane
the first time... reply to it, then you should be able to post.

Sorry if that is all tmi .. it would be nice if you are able to get
your answers here... but if not.  Expert help is available on those groups.

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