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Re: /etc/default/keyboard XKBOPTIONS not read by X

Dan B. wrote:
Raf Czlonka wrote:
On Wed, Nov 09, 2011 at 12:50:57AM GMT, Bob Proulx wrote:
Dan B. wrote:
I tried swapping the left Control key and Caps Lock key by modifying
the XKBOPTIONS value in /etc/default/keyboard, per instructions that
said it would take effect for both the virtual consoles and X.

Could you also point us to the instructions you've used as well, please?


Note:  I was mistaken in thinking that _that_ page said that the
/etc/default/keyboard setting would take effect for both the virtual
consoles and X.

However, I read (somewhere else) that in Squeeze one could fix both the
virtual consoles and X with one setting.

(Also, the fact that /etc/default/keyboard uses the name "XKB..." and
uses the X configuration format suggests that the file might also be
read by X startup scripts.)

Hey, I just noticed that if I use startx ("startx -- :1") to start X (and
Gnome, etc), the Control key gets swapped;.

It's in the X session started (or use?) by GDM that the Control key
doesn't get swapped.

Does that help identify the problem?


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