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Re: dial-up modem usage

On Thu, 10 Nov 2011 20:54:39 -0500, Rob Owens wrote:

> Thanks for the tips, everyone.  But it seems I have forgotten more about
> modems than I realized.
> I'm now using gnome-ppp as a dialer, which uses wvdial as a backend (I
> think).  I'm also using martian-modem, which provides a driver for my
> Agere WinModem.  Besides that, I'm testing with an external modem (usb
> connection).
> I can get gnome-ppp to recognize both modems.  But when I attempt to
> dial, I don't hear a dialtone or any dialing. Almost immediately the
> application says something like "sending password", and it hangs there.
> Of course it's going to hang -- it has not connected yet.
> So I'm thinking maybe I need some kind of initialization string for the
> modem.  Are they specific to a certain model of modem?  

"ATZ" is the usual.

Anyway, the best way to test your modem is by using "minicom" or "kermit" 
and try to place a manual call from there.

> Is there something else I should be trying?

Forget (by now) about gnome-ppp or other GUIs, launch wvdial directly to 
see what's going on.

Also, try to enable the "stupid mode", some ISP work better when this 
setting is enabled.



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