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Re: dial-up modem usage

On Tue, 08 Nov 2011 19:16:12 -0500, Rob Owens wrote:

> I'm setting up a Debian system for a friend, and he uses a dial-up
> modem.  It's been many years since I dealt with a modem, so I could use
> a few tips.
> I know that winmodems probably won't work, so I may have to swap it out
> for something in my old parts bin.  What is used to control dialup these
> days?  Does NetworkManager do it?  5 years ago I was using kppp on
> Mandrake...

Use the old good "wvdial" and you're done. It was working years ago and 
still works as usual. There are also GUI front-ends for it (like kppp or 
gnome-ppp) but manually editing the configuration file is something what 
never fails.

There is also ppp (pppconfig o gpppon tools) for this task.

> This system will have occasional access to wireless high speed internet,
> so I need a solution that allows for that as well.

I would go NetworkManager for wifi and wvdial for dial-up.



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