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Re: Keyboard and mouse problems in wheezy

On Ma, 11 oct 11, 16:58:34, Victor Nitu wrote:
> I have some input method problems under wheezy.
> First of all, keyboard dies after login (it is alive during login),
> and needs to be unplugged/plugged in again. After that it works. I
> have a USB keyboard, but the same problem appears when plugging in
> into the PS/2 port, via adapter.
> The second problem, is when I log out and in again, the mouse cursor
> disappears. For that I haven't figured out yet a method to work it
> out.
> I need at least a way to make my mouse cursor available again, when
> it goes away. I can live with that, if it can be solved via console
> or something. I don't do logout-login daily, so it's not a major
> problem.
> Thanks and keep me informed of the details you need. I'll be online
> for a reasonably long time from now on, so I can reply quickly.

Please attach full /var/log/Xorg.0.log and have a look through the 
output of dmesg, in case there is something interesting. It might be 
also helpful to mention exact model of keyboard and mouse used and 
Desktop Environment/Display Manager.

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