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Re: Best mount point for shared files

On Jo, 13 oct 11, 22:51:37, Martin Steigerwald wrote:
> exports. For mounts a directory under /mnt might be more approbiate.
> You could use:
> - /mnt/nfs for the nfs mount
> - a symlink /srv/smb to /mnt/nfs for the smb export
> - a symlink from /srv/http to /mnt/nfs for apache served files

I'd say /mnt (or subdirectories) is not correct according FHS:

,----[ man hier ]
|        /mnt   This directory is a mount point for a temporarily mounted 
|        file system. In some distributions, /mnt contains subdirectories 
|        intended to be used as mount points for several temporary file 
|        systems.

Note the use of "temporarily/temporary". I'm using subdirectories under 
/media instead.

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