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Re: Wow, Evolution left me with eggs in my face

On Lu, 03 oct 11, 06:39:25, Aaron Toponce wrote:
>                                                     Plus, it's 100%
> standards compliant, which not only is important for me using a web
> browser, but also important for my mail.

Not quite 100%, but the bugs... fleas get fixed when reported.

There is a long standing bug regarding GPG MIME signatures that get a 
"Content-Disposition: inline" (or similar, writing from memory, too lazy 
to look it up), which will cause standards compliant mailers (amazingly 
Gmail is the more pedantic one here) to display/quote the GPG signature 
on replies.

The bug is still present in squeeze (1.5.20), but it is fixed in 1.5.21 
(available from backports).

Other than that a big +1 for mutt. The only possible evolution (pun 
intended) I see for it would be to become a front-end/integrate 

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