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virtualbox just became slow

I've been happily running a virtualbox Windows XP machine (VM) on a Wheezy
host for eight months.  However, the VM just became pathologically slow.  For
example, if I boot the VM, call Photoshop 6, and open a small JPG, it all
works but takes several minutes.  During much of this time the XP Task
Manager pins at 100% CPU usage, and the host's cooling fans are revving hard.
If I then ask to print the JPG, Photoshop (eventually) declares "There is not
enough memory for this operation".  When the VM is idle, it shows about 5%
CPU usage and I see no unexpected memory hogs running.  The Debian host runs

This disease roughly coincides with my upgrade from virtualbox 4.1.2 to
4.1.4, including the guest additions and extension pack.  So I uninstalled
4.1.4 and put back 4.1.2 from snapshot.debian.org, together with its guest
additions and extension pack.  I also put back a copy of the VM (xpvm.vdi)
and home vbox directories that I had saved on June 18th when everything was
fine.  (I saved these as Linux files, not as a snapshot.  I have successfully
started from them before).  Finally I rebooted the host too.  None of this
solved the problem.

The host is a  Pentium 4 3.0 GHz with 2 GB of memory.  The VM has the
recommended 192 MB of memory.  This all worked fine until I ran apt-get
upgrade (including virtualbox) four days ago.  I have a newer Wheezy machine
(i5 3.2 GHz + 4 GB) that is running about the same VM (also 192 MB) under
virtualbox 4.1.4 with no problem.

Any ideas how to identify the source of this slowness?  Thanks.

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