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Crazy (?) idea: screen locker with simpler password


I often have to leave my students with my laptop and e.g. go to scan some documents or to receive printed papers from the printer room. Then I have to lock the console when leaving, and unlock it when coming back.
As my login password is quite long, it is uncomfortable to enter it (especially with my students watching my keyboard ;-) ) after every return.
I think it could be nice to have a possibility to use a special configuration of screen-locker, using another, shorter and simpler password...

Well I have a quick&dirty workaround - I have a special account with minimal privileges (e.g. with access to networked blocked in iptables) and really simple password.
I have this user logged in in one text console. So when leaving, I can switch to this console (with Alt+Ctrl+F1) and run "vlock -a". This is not very elegant, but working...

Unfortunately my VFS5011 fingerprint scanner is not supported in Linux :-(.


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