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gnome3 now in wheezy?


I was under the mistaken impression that wheezy still had a usable gnome, as opposed to sid which has "upgraded" to gnome3.

So I installed gnome-session on a new wheezy install and got a desktop with a background with 3 icons on it, computer, home and trash.

But nothing works: there are no applications to select, no settings to change.

And it seems to be gnome3 because F1 works. It displays a help window that mentions "gnome3", but of course nothing what it says is true because nothing is selectable.

Has anybody recently tried installing gnomse-session in wheezy? Is there a way to "fix" this?

I tried installing gnome-session with "--no-install-recommends" and without and the results are the same.

I created a mondo backup before installing gnome, so it is trivial to revert to before the install.


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