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Re: Can I insall from xp partition?

rose perry wrote:

> Hello I'm trying to install debian but the debian installer from 
> microsoft does not work, Because my network card requires Firmware. 
> Nothing seems to work for me.  So Im going to try and dl a cd or 2 to
> get it working, And install from XP if this is possible please let me
> know.  Maybe freeware version of VMware? But I think I remember this 
> possible without vmware?  As long as you had the data on xp. I have 
> cd's or dvd's or usb keys.  Im in the hospital with a broken leg and 
> another month or 2 here. I got other complications too.  So Im 
looking for
> a way to install debian the old fashion way.  But I can't remember 
> Any Advice or any thing would be greatly appreciated.
> I need an OS that challenges me.  I'm bored, Extremely bored and sick 
> xp or wintendo! hehe
> desperately yours Tommy.
I tried to load wheezy on my laptop, but the Debian installer
asked for firmware from removable devices and gave floppies or a
USB stick as alternatives.

Well, I popped downstairs and asked my local computer consultant
whether he could sell me a USB stick. He had a small one (yes,
he said it was small) with only 4GB (which to me is vast) for
only £15. I bought it, inserted it into my desktop which had
Ubuntu on a second disk drive, mounted the drive, went to
/lib/firmware and copied the firmware I wanted to the USB
stick. I then removed the stick and stuck it into one of the
USB slots on my laptop. Installed the wheezy DVD-R into the
portable USB DVD-ROM drive, rebooted from the DVD-ROM drive
and the Debian installer installed wheezy onto my laptop
with no problems. It did not even ask for the required
firmware---it must have detected it on the USB stick!

Try wheezy and maybe your problem will disappear.


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