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Re: Font Webkeepass vserver

On Wed, 02 Nov 2011 12:54:17 +0100, Olivier BATARD wrote:

> Hi,

Hi... please, keep text based formatted messages because html code 
renders very badly on some e-mail readers :-)

> I've just stop a squeeze server with a standard vserver kernel.
> So I want to use a vserver to host the webkeepass tool, which uses a
> tomcat server.
> Everything works fine when I use webkeepass on the main server, the
> display is alright in French.
> But When I use it in a verser with same parameters, I can't display
> French accents like "é", the server just display a "?"
> My locale are define in utf8, accents are displayed in the terminal
> which is in French.
> Am I missing a package in the vserver, how can I setup French accent ?

Is just this web-based application (webkeepass) that renders accents 
badly or are other web applications/pages also failing in the same way?

If only webkeepass is affected by this behaviour it can be something at 
the configuration files, java, tomcat... I mean, something which is 
specifically linked to the program :-?



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