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Re: `Xorg -configure' failure

Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> writes:

[...] snipped 

> An alternative approach to a similar ends is available in KDE - use a
> very large desktop and "zoom" into particular areas. Alternatively just
> use more virtual desktops.

Thanks for the nice summary of where things stand and what to do about

The one above looks most appealing for the lazy.  I used kde for a
long time at one time but grew to dislike it and wanted the simplicity
of something like fluxbox.  So it would be no biggie to go back to KDE
just for that panning stuff.

Using more virtual desktops really is so far from being the same as
the ability to pan that its not really an alternative.  I rarely use
more than 3/4.

I'm going to try the KDE approach now and see what its like.

I sent you a hellishly long email with all the threaded messages from
all three threads.  Probably would be useful at some point.  When
you've gotten some of your time back maybe.  At least all the
information is there in some kind of order.

Thanks for you time and input.

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