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Re: [OT] Imperial measures

On Sun, Oct 02, 2011 at 03:55:45PM -0400, Doug wrote:

> The liquid measure is liter, used here only in medical labs and liquor
> stores, altho some bottled products have both ounces and liters, so as
> to placate the Canadians, who gave up ounces and quarts, etc., some
> years ago.  (Some year, no doubt after I'm dead, "altho" will be
> acceptable.)

Since you mention ounces, quarts, etc. Am I right in thinking that in
the US a pint is 16fl.oz? Here, in Britain, a pint is 20fl.oz. Is your
pint smaller, or your fl.oz larger? Or do you have different measures of
the same name depending on the fluid being measured?


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