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Re: Mailers

Richard Bown <richard.bown@blueyonder.co.uk> wrote:
>me again
>Up to about a year ago I was using Claws Mail which has some very nice
>filter capabilities, expire on age in folders for instance.
>I moved to Evo as Claws would crash and freeze the whole machine, That
>was using Fedora,
>Has anyone had any problems with Claws mail crashing ?, it would do this
>regularly when filtering. If its stable in squeeze I might go back to
>it.as the Evo annoys me with it max 80 characters /line

I am currently using Claws Mail 3.7.10 on Testing and don’t see any
crashes whatsoever. There have been a few problems with libgnutls
breaking POP support, but they have been resolved now (and before
that, one would only have to pin said library to a specific version,
so it wasn’t a real problem anyways).

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