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Re: daft newbie questions

On Sat, 01 Oct 2011 11:36:35 +0100, Richard Bown wrote:

> I've taken refuge from Kernel 3.0 and gnome3. 

I also have problems with kernel 3.0. It -somehow- breaks my wifi card, 
still investigating... Wheeze's GNOME 3 is still manageable :-)

> can someone point me to where I can find libdvdcss and the w32/mpeg4
> codecs.I can find reference to 32bit, but not amd64 

Both should be available in Debian Multimedia, cant't you see them there?

> And is firefox in a repo somewhere ?, 

Firefox can be downloaded directly from Mozilla but...

> ice weasle hasn't so opened as the lock file is set, is that
> in .mozilla ???

...You mean you cannot open Icewasel? :-?

Try by killing any instance it could be running in the background and it 
that still fails, try by renaming your "~/.mozilla" folder to create a 
fresh new one.

BTW, the "lock" file is under "~/.mozilla/firefox/[profile.default]/"



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