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Re: New SATA drive installation question (SOLVED)

On Mon, 26 Sep 2011 18:47:45 +0100, Lisi wrote:

> On Sunday 25 September 2011 18:29:10 Camaleón wrote:
>> It seems to me that you replied to more than that statement as we were
>> not talking about external hard disks at all.
> I _was_ replying solely to the statement.  

And you expanded with additional information that was not related at all 
with the current OP thread and of course, with the above statement that 
was not aimed to external nor other types of hard disks.

> I did not read thro' the thread and make sure of the context, and you
> can and do say that I should have. None-the-less, I was replying to the
> actual statement.

Yes, you should have read the full thread, because by not doing so you 
missed important and relevant information, and what is worse, you 
"insisted" in consider an unqualified statement something which of 
course, it was not should you have read it appropriately.



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