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Question propmted by response to [Re: More USB install-images please!]

Camaleón wrote:
On Mon, 26 Sep 2011 15:08:58 +0200, Jan Olav Agle wrote:

I sometimes install Debian on machines belonging to family and friends.
On my latest install I tried the boot.img.gz on an USB-stick. It failed
halfway trough, complaining about a missing suitable ISO-image. Not
wasting time, I dd'ed the netinstall iso onto the stick and installed.


Are you aware of this?

4.3.1. Preparing a USB stick using a hybrid CD or DVD image


I realize that page is explicitly referring to "Debian GNU/Linux 6.0 system (codename “squeeze”)".

I'm considering moving from Windows to Linux. I've downloaded the iso's of about a dozen distro's chosen on disparate desires. Most, but not all, are Debian based/inspired/...

I have fully equipped desktop machine and a laptop w/o a functioning CD drive.

I wish to determine for each distro:
  1. will it run from a USB stick on both machines? how well?
  2. how well do I like the result?

  1. how compatible is it with Debian based distro's?
  2. how compatible with non-Debian distro's?

One of my goals is to keep as much as possible the same between distro's. Given that goal, is there another method to set up my comparison?


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