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New SATA drive installation question

I'm feeling really dumb right now. Okay, I'm not dumb, I'm just lacking the information that I need at this time.

I just installed a new SATA 1TB Seagate Barracuda drive in my Lenny box with FVWM as my window manager. This is the first time that I have installed a SATA drive. How do I determine what drive name to use to repartition and reformat the drive. With an IDE drive I can tell what it is from its position on the cable. That doesn't work with SATA.

I have looked at the output of blkid, as well as looking through /dev/disk/ and I don't see anything that looks like the new drive to me. I also didn't have anything jump out at me from dmesg.

Can anyone tell me where I should be looking, and what I should be looking for?

Do I need to make changes in the BIOS to recognize SATA drives?

All help appreciated.

Marc Shapiro

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