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Re: iceweasel based on firefox 6.0 for squeeze

On Mon 26 Sep 2011 at 11:35:51 +0000, Camaleón wrote:

> Hey, you can't auto-give you a point for something that I have not 
> discussed ;-)

You were being tardy in getting round to it so it needed something to
prod you into action. :)
> Regards to the 4th point that says "a package needs to be current to be 
> useful" it fully fits with Iceweasel but I wouldn't say so for clamav.

It is clear we have diametrically opposite views, so best leave it

> Well, let me think...
> clamav was in volatile repo
> volatile repo provided their own security fixes
> volatile repo has been replaced by squeeze-updates
> I love the logic behind the things :-)

Three correct statements but an unjustified conclusion. My statement
that squeeze-updates does not deal with security was informed by

   This suite will contain updates that satisfy one of the
   following criteria:

       * The update is urgent and not of a security nature.
         Security updates will continue to be pushed through
         the security archive.

> Clamav was on volatile repo and it received (receives) updates for 
> security fixes, don't know if that respond your concerns. I hope squeeze-
> updates still follows that tradition (I know it does) :-)

Please see previously.

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