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Re: CUPS & network printing

On 09/22/2011 04:37 PM, Joe wrote:
No, the printer only has an IP address if it's a standalone network printer. Such things do exist, but yours isn't one, or at least is not connected as one. Cups will be listening (by default) on port 631, on the computer's IP address. I can't remember if it listens to anything other than localhost by default, you may need to change the cupsd configuration file to allow connections from other machines. Check with netstat. If you have Windows machines in your network, then Samba is probably the best way to share the printer. Since I do that, I can't comment on the direct use of Cups over the network. My workstation has cupsd listening on all interfaces UDP, but only localhost TCP. I would assume that is the default, since there's never been a printer attached to this machine.
With Windows Vista/7, it's pretty straightforward to add the CUPS URL for the printer directly as a networked printer. It should also work under XP, but it's been a while since I've had to deal with XP and networked printers. Samba would basically make the printer show up on browse.

It's as simple as setting up a network printer under Vista/7 and entering "http://<address of sharing machine>:631/printers/print_queue_name" as the printer destination.

--Joseph Lenox

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