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Re: regards the /

lina wrote at 2011-09-21 08:16 -0500:
> What's the acceptable saturation for the / partition,
> now my one reached 61% (377M of 658, wheezy),
> another reached 87% (483M of 657M, sid)
> only saw it increases, never saw it decreases.

> or maybe I should wait until reached 95% to ask then?
> (now seems a bit earlier ^_^ .)

In my opinion, percentage filled is moot (does not matter) unless perhaps the 
topic is filesystem behavior (like fragmentation).  Otherwise free space is 
what matters.  For example, 100MB free might be plenty much for a simple 
kiosk with a 4GB filesystem (98% filled).  Or 1GB free on a workstation out 
of 1TB (99.99% filled).  The answer to your question then, in free space, 
depends on usage, and whether the root partition is separated from /home, 
/var, etc.

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