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Re: How to disable USB automounts

On 14/09/11 20:59, Brian wrote:
> On Wed 14 Sep 2011 at 10:46:44 +1000, Scott Ferguson wrote:
>> With the greatest respects to the previous posters and there
>> suggestions... this has nothing to do with membership of plugdev, custom
>> udev rules to try and over-ride existing hal fdi, udev, and policykit
>> rules won't work.
> I'd agree that the OP's KDE specific issue should be tackled from within
> KDE, but if the desire is to disable automounting for all users then
> surely udev is the route to take? Furthermore, udev should not be used to
> make up for any failure to solve the problem from within the DE.

Have you looked at /etc/hal/fdi/policy/preferences.fdi??
What about "Device Notifier Settings" ??

Why bark when you've got a dog? ;-p


P.S. the changes to what constitutes an "external drive" is long overdue
- should always have been "removable" rather than "external" - which
should allow for almost any storage device.

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