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Re: How to disable USB automounts

On Wed 14 Sep 2011 at 10:46:44 +1000, Scott Ferguson wrote:

> With the greatest respects to the previous posters and there
> suggestions... this has nothing to do with membership of plugdev, custom
> udev rules to try and over-ride existing hal fdi, udev, and policykit
> rules won't work.

I'd agree that the OP's KDE specific issue should be tackled from within
KDE, but if the desire is to disable automounting for all users then
surely udev is the route to take? Furthermore, udev should not be used to
make up for any failure to solve the problem from within the DE.

> Policykit knows two types of mountable drives - system and removable...
> Policykit's definition of "removable" is:-
> "Typically, system internal devices include non-removable internal hard
> disks and other drives that are not easily added/removed by a local
> console user. The heuristic typically used is that only devices on
> removable media and devices connected via Firewire, USB, eSATA and SDIO
> are considered external."

Times change:


   > This is why the DeviceIsSystemInternal property, this one

   >  http://hal.freedesktop.org/docs/udisks/Device.html#Device:DeviceIsSystemInternal

   > talks about "heuristics". Note that this property will be removed in
   > udisks in the next ABI break (2.0).

July of the same mailing list also has a disussion on the same topic.

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