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How to disable USB automounts

When I stick a USB device into the socket it is automounted; KDE pops up device notification widget, file manager window, etc.

I tried to disable it:
KDE -> System Settings -> Removable Devices, and unchecked
"Enable automatic mounting of removable devices".
This didn't have any effect.

In fact, I would like to disable automounts for all users.

I found in this thread two (contradicting? redundant?) advices.

1) To remove the user from plugdev group.
   (But how to avoid future new users from being added to that group?)

2) To disable automount in udev rules.
   I don't understand udev at all, and couldn't locate the actual
   lines that I should comment out.

What would you recommend me to do?
I would appreciate if some details will be provided (which lines to comment out, which files, etc.)

Thanks in advance,

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