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Re: Rolling my own

On 14/09/11 08:04, Dave Higgins wrote:
> I'm trying to figure out how to make my own Debian based distribution.
> Either I'm asking the wrong question

or you've got the wrong signature.... ;-p

> on Google or there is no information.

There is. And on Debian.org.

> I'm trying to take Debian and build a custom install for a product.  I
> need to replace the kernel and add a few things to this installation CD.
>  I've read the DebianInstaller pages, the Simple-CD instructions and
> other instructions.  What I can't seem to find is once I have the pool
> set up, how do I put in my kernel and other packages.  I could just be
> missing a step with regards to the apt-ftparchive command or I'm going
> down the completely wrong path.
> Anybody have a good, detail tutorial on how to build a custom
> distribution with packages that I build?

No - AFAIK there is no howto, or step-by-step guide.

> Thanks,

There's a major difference between a Custom Debian Distribution (now
officially known as a "Pure Blend") and a repackage. I'm guessing from
what you've written that it's just a repackage you're after...

Slightly more complex:-
man apt-ftparchive (part of apt-utils)
(obsolete, but useful intro)

If you truly do want to develop and maintain your own "Debian Pure
Blend" (that's a Google hint) try:-
emailing the developer of Swift Linux for hints - you'll find him on
this list (can't guarantee he'll have time or resources to help though).

I don't know everything, but what I do know is that it's a massive job
maintaining, testing, and supporting a custom debian distro - consider
contributing your customizations to Debian and make use of Debian.org's


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