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Re: Holiday Project for my job

On Sat, 03 Sep 2011 10:35:12 -0500, ZephyrQ wrote:

> I am trying to set up several Linux desktops for a secure (locked)
> facility for troubled teenagers.  I brought one home to set up (so I can
> have unfettered internet access) but then I need to be able to 'clone'
> it to others without internet access (so package retrieval is impossible
> unless I bring home every single desktop; and we are talking about up to
> 50).  So I need advice on the following:
> 1.  Which distro to use?  I've used Mint before in a similar setting
> (and was pleased) but I'm now stuck with 6 year old Dells with almost no
> video acceleration and .5 G memory each.  I'm thinking XFCE with Mint or
> Xbuntu, but am open to others (even a stock debian install which I use
> on my home machine) but I will not be able to update unless I do so
> manually (which a CD or thumbdrive).

Given that you are familiar with Debian and unlikely to be updating 
frequently, I'd suggest Debian Squeeze.

With these older machines, you might like to try LXDE. It's much easier 
on resources than most DEs. Actually I use LXDE from choice an all my 
distros*, even though my machines' resources are nowhere near as 
constrained as yours.

* Scientific Linux 6.1, Debian Squeeze (with a selected handful of 
packages from backports and Testing) plus Fedora 14, 15 and 16Alpha

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