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Re: missing modules


Your replies are very difficult to read since I initially thought you
were simply sending my original message back to me!  Please trim your
reply to be just your reply and quote the parts you want to quote and
delete everything else that isn't related.

owens@netptc.net wrote:
> I have verified that the userdir module is NOT in either
> mods-available NOR mods-enabled on my system.  As per your
> suggestion I reinstalled apache2-common but am left with the same
> situation (no userdir).

That is very strange.  That really is not an expected result.  And it
would worry me that if something about your system is broken in such a
way that you are missing files then what else on your system is
missing?  This could be the tip of the iceberg and you could be
playing wack-a-mole with many other problems.

> I viewed the contents of the Debian apache2-common package prior to
> installation and verified that this module IS contained but for some
> reason it is not being transferred with the reinstall.  Do you have
> any other suggestions (other than to reinstall Apache which I plan
> to do tomorrow)?
> ...
> Here is the latest-very frustrating.  I can view the contents of
> apache2.2-common for my O/S (squeeze) in the repository and verify
> that userdir is present.  However when I remove and reinstall
> apache2-common the module does not exist (either in mods-available
> or mods-enabled).  Although it should not produce a different result
> I also purged and reinstalled Apache2-same result.

I have no further advise due to the logical conflict of information.
The files are in the package.  You install the package and the files
do not get installed.  Those two items conflict with each other.  This
is definitely not happening for anyone else.  It is something that is
broken uniquely on your system.  You will have to debug it yourself.

Personally if I saw that I would be looking very closely to see if I
had a disk error or if the system had a security compromise of some
sort.  That type of logical disconnect is severe and I would not
ignore it.


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