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Re: [OT] Re: unsuscribe

On Thu, Sep 01, 2011 at 03:01:51PM -0300, Eduardo M KALINOWSKI wrote:
> On Qui, 01 Set 2011, Tony van der Hoff wrote:
> >This one didn't (here).
> >
> >Is there any concensus on what/how/when these footers are added?
> >It seems quite random to me.
> That message was GPG-signed, the footer is not added because it
> would break the signature. (Actually, it was added to another part
> of the multi-part message, but I could only see that by looking at
> the message source.)

I may be wrong myself, but this seams to be a bit of a myth going around
this thread. Adding a footer shouldn't break a GPG signature as GPG is
quite good at indicating what part of the message is signed. The eMail
is sent as a multipart/signed message consisting of:
 - multipart/signed
   - text/plain
   - application/pgp-signature

All the list processor needs to do is add another layer of
 - multipart/related
   - multipart/signed
     - text/plain
	 - application/pgp-signature
   - text/plain
and the Signature will remain valid. Some MUAs may choose to warn that
only part of the message is signed, but this shouldn't be a problem for
most people.

Darac Marjal

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