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Re: SOLVED: can't get GRUB to install from netinstall cd's - THANKS!

On Wed, 31 Aug 2011 09:47:53 -0700, keitho wrote:


> Camaleón said: "For GRUB2, you can leave it uninstalled and boot the
> installed system from a LiveCD/LiveUSB or SGD. Once you're in, install
> GRUB2 as usual." I had tried this with no luck. For a beginner,
> installing Grub manually is actually quite complex- I tried several
> different approaches. Do a search on "grub rescue>" and see how many
> problems and solutions are out there...

Very true, it can sound complex but I guess in Debian will be a matter of 
selecting "grub-pc" package and following on-screen instructions, the 
same way you do within the installer. 

Anyway, I'll add that a beginner should not install "testing" flavour but 
"stable", just to avoid such problems :-)



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