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Re: Running a script on monitor connect/disconnect

On Wed, 31 Aug 2011 11:08:03 +0200, Ralf Jung wrote:

> Hi,
>> > Editing xorg.conf requires an X-server restart after each setup
>> > change, which is ridiculous.
>> Why ridiculous? :-?
>> Xorg is running and you need it to re-read the configuration file again
>> like any other service :-)

> Sorry, I should have boon more clear: It is of course not ridiculous
> that re- reading the config file takes an X server restart. It is
> however ridiculous that changing the monitor setup requires an X server
> restart, so the config file is the wrong place for that.

Ah, okay, I know what you meant. Yes, and that's why Xorg has turned more 
plug&play (but you know... plu&play does not always work as it should, 
and not only for Xorg :-P).

>> > The driver is not the issue though, xrandr works the way it is
>> > supposed to, as far as I can tell. I just want to take some action
>> > when a monitor is connected, which xrandr does detect, it just does
>> > not tell me. That's all :D
>> I already gave you some hints... krandtray is one option (GUI based)
>> and you can always make your own script to run a set of xrandr commands
>> with just one-click.

> Sure, and I did exactly that (the script) and it is working. It's just
> that I have to call it manually after plugging in the external monitor,
> it'd be better/nicer/cooler if that happened automatically. 

I agree, there could be "profiles" (which holds the settings for added 
monitors, like resolution and screen position) that have been previosuly 
saved by the user and as soon as you connect an additional display, the 
DE should ask you to apply for such profiles and apply them accordingly.

> krandrtray is broken in various ways since testing is still on KDE 4.6,
> see http://www.afiestas.org/display-configuration-in-kde-workspace-4-7-1/

Hmmm, that's a pity (but a matter of time it gets working again ;-(



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