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Re: black screen after install menu.

El 2011-08-30 a las 07:36 -0700, jeremy jozwik escribió:

(resending to the list)

> thanks for the response! i was stating to think i was on my own with this one.
> > Good decision... Once you know how well it works, you'll make the switch
> > with the rest of your machines :-P
> ive already am running debian on everything, this was the last hold
> out only because i need windows for 3d studio max. my plan though is
> to dual boot.
> > Try with a text based install+expert mode.
> install options i have tried on different cds and different debian versions.
> install
> graphical install
> automated install
> > Gparted LiveCD also goes black? :-?
> after the initial options gparted would hang on a post message.
> interestingly enough when i tried it just now to tell you what message
> it hung on i got gparted to work! woo!
> > I've performed most of all of my debian installs in nvidia cards (7600GS,
> > quadro fx 1500 and quadro nvs 440) and had no problems at all :-?
> >
> > I would check if your card is currently supported by "nouveau" driver and
> > if not, try to enforce the installer to use framebuffer driver and once
> > the system is installed, get the nvidia closed source drivers.
> >
> > Greetings,
> > Camaleón
> well... now im a bit more confused. i attempted to do a bios update to
> my machine after realizing it was VERY out of date. but i have no
> floppy disks and tried to update through a cd. only got so far as to
> boot the machine with the cd inserted and never actually typed the
> "FLASH" command.
> after getting the gparted live cd to actually show up, now the debian
> graphical install is showing. darn dust bunnies...
> thanks for your brain cells i guess!

Well, glad to know you finally could reach the installer despite gremlins 
seem to have fun with your machine ;-D



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