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Re: black screen after install menu.

On Fri, 26 Aug 2011 07:59:16 -0700, jeremy jozwik wrote:

> hello list. i have decided to make the plunge from installing linux on
> my secondary computers, machines that dont matter if they are down for
> weeks at a time, to installing on my main workstation.

Good decision... Once you know how well it works, you'll make the switch 
with the rest of your machines :-P
> unfortunately it is not going well so far. with bootable cds inserted, i
> get to the debian installer menu [install, graphical install, ...].
> after choosing and option, any option i am greeted with a big black
> screen. in which nothing happens. no spinning drives, no blinking
> lights, nothing. not even after 8 hours.

Try with a text based install+expert mode.

> my though was perhaps it is my 6.0.2 cd, so i attempted to install from
> my known-to-be-good 5.0.2 cd. same issue. gparted also behaves this way
> after choosing its menu option.

Gparted LiveCD also goes black? :-?
> has anyone attempted a debian install using a quadro 5600 card? i
> suspect that for some reason.

I've performed most of all of my debian installs in nvidia cards (7600GS, 
quadro fx 1500 and quadro nvs 440) and had no problems at all :-?

I would check if your card is currently supported by "nouveau" driver and 
if not, try to enforce the installer to use framebuffer driver and once 
the system is installed, get the nvidia closed source drivers.



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