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Why nfs fstab entries need if-up? -> kernel level autoconfiguration / initramfs


from my point of view, it is a bug: I build a new diskless rootfs based
on Squeeze and most works, but NFS mounts from /etc/fstab. I search a
very long time, whats the reason and found it. This enries are only
mounted, if the if-up.d/mountnfs is executed. But in my case, it doesn't
work, because I get all information for the eth0 from initramfs/kernel,
so the device is up and running. if-up.d/mountnfs is never executed.

In my case I had luck, because I have a second network card, configured
with a static IP and if-up.d/mountnfs is executed. I think, there must
be a better way to check, if the network is reachable.

cu denny

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