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Re: Why s port 111 still open?

> So the fact that nmap says that 111 is open for rpcbind does not mean that it 
> is open for rpcbind??  

Exactly. Nmap can only guess what program is listening on the other end.
An easy test:

(0) (root@jigsaw):~# nc -l -p 80 &
[1] 17913

(1) (root@jigsaw):~# nmap localhost | grep 80
80/tcp    open  http

(nc is netcat, which in this case simply listens on the given port.)

In this example, nmap guesses what kind of program listens on port
80 by simply deriving it from the port number. You can use nmap's option
'-sV' to make nmap probe for more details.

Anyway, using nmap on localhost doesn't make much sense. Use netstat or
lsof instead.

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